Features of Electric Bumper Cars for Sale

An Electric Bumper Car is a car with a flat base operating in groups. An electric bumper car draws power either from the floor or from the ceiling. This power could be turned on and off remotely. Electric Bumper Cars for sale from bumpercarrides.com are usually used at amusement parks. Electric Bumper Cars are restricted to the bumper car arena.

Electric Bumper Cars

Electric Bumper Cars

Features of an Electric Bumper Car

1. LED Lamp: One of the noticeable features of an electric bumper car for sale is a LED Lamp. The LED Lamp provides illumination during a ride. It also allows other bumper car drivers to be conscious of an incoming car. The LED Lamp produces bright lights.
2. Flat Base: An Electric Bumper Car has a flat base. The flat base is equipped with tires for mobility. The flat base enables it to move easily on smooth surfaces. The flat base is also a good conductor of electricity. In cases where an electric bumper car is powered from the floor, the flat base plays a huge role in transmitting electricity to the electric motor.
3. Four Wheels: An Electric Bumper Car possesses four wheels for mobility. The wheels are strong and portable for ease of movement.
4. Steering Wheel: An Electric Bumper Car has a steering wheel. The steering wheel controls the movement of the car and the directions in which it moves. The steering wheel is capable of a 360 degree rotation.
5. MP3 Music Box: An Electric Bumper car also comes with a MP3 Music Box for entertainment. An SD Card can be inserted into the MP3 Music Box.
6. Seat Belt: An Electric Bumper car comes with a seat belt. The purpose of the seat belt is to protect drivers during rides in order to reduce the chances of injury during a collision. The seal belt is positioned across the seat.
7. Metal Pole: Some bumpercarrides.com/electric-bumper-cars-for-sale have metal poles that conduct electricity. These metal poles touches the metal mesh of the ceiling. In this setup, the electricity supply is located somewhere in the ceiling from which power is supplied to the car. The metal pole is an electricity conductor that passes electric current to the car for mobility.
8. Electric Motor: All Bumper cars feature an electric motor. The electric motor is responsible for the movement of the bumper car.
9. Large Rubber Bumpers: Bumper Cars come with large rubber bumpers. This rubber bumper absorbs the shock when a driver crashes into another driver. The purpose of this rubber bumper is to reduce the chances of fatal collisions happening within a bumper car arena.
10. Timing Control Mechanism: Electric Bumper Cars are equipped with a timing control mechanism. This timing control feature can be used to set the duration within which the bumper car would be active. The timing control mechanism is an important feature in a Bumper Car. It ensures that the management of the amusement park can time patrons based on how much has been paid for the hire of the car.
11. Remote Control: An Electric Bumper Car also comes with a remote control. This allows the manager of the Bumper Car Arena to be able to either switch on or switch off the cars.

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